Saturday, 29 August 2015

Loving Light x

That moment when you can't think of anything to write aaaaaaaaaah!!!

I'm very indecisive at the moment, been over in my head what I would write about so many times and they're all different. Here goes...
With these photos I have been looking at light. Light is so much more than just something we use to help us see. For me it creates amazing shadows, reflections and what it creates when it bounces off of surfaces/objects.
The first five would be artificial lighting and the rest are using natural lighting. This post is a little similar to my Reflections post, viewing the ordinary things in a new way and seeing the beauty of them.

I follow a channel on Youtube that posts mental health videos and the person (Kati Morton) recently did a back to school one, so just wanted to share it as it could help someone :) Link to video x

Feel free to ask any questions and leave comments.
Hope you like this post!!!

Lots of Love
Katie Lilly

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