Monday, 9 November 2015

Expression :D x

YAAAAAAA its winter - love winter, get to live in fluffy socks, drink lots of tea, wear lots of warm jumpers and eat lots of hearty food. I love seeing all the different coloured leaves all around and seeing conkers on the floor plus there spiky green shells. the sun sets around this time are always so beautiful and the clouds, I always get my best cloud photos in winter time :D.

Since moving here to Ireland I have been doing different things to occupy my time and one  thing I started doing was painting. It has come to be a great form of expression for me, I don't think about what I paint I just paint, sometimes I use my fingers to paint from time to time but I mainly use brushes. Lately there have been a few paintings I have done where I drew it first on one page and then paint it on the other, doing this has been interesting.

What do you do to express yourself?

Lots of Love
Katie Lilly

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  1. Love this, your artwork is really great! You have a really wonderful blog, keep up your amazing work gorgeous gal! x