Sunday, 13 December 2015

Little Update :D x

Hi all this post is a little late this month for which I'm sorry about - been so busy at college getting assignments done and the week coming I'm hoping to complete another module YAAAAAA hehe. I've been rushing to get bits done as I will be staying in England from 23rd December to the 8th or 9th February 2016 which I'm looking forward to!!! Where has this year gone? I can't believe the on 10th February 2016 it will be a full year that I have been living here in Ireland. I can't believe I started college on 31st August this year, I'm in my fourth month, passed the three month trial which I was worried that I wouldn't and I'm so glad that I made it hehe. As I mentioned in a previous post that I was deleting some of my social media I decided to trade snapchat for instagram.

You can find me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM if you want to :D

Lots of Love
Katie Lilly

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